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American belt

The ASW American Championship belt

Samoan belt

ASW "Samoan" Championship - This is Saku's custom design

Mexican belt

The "Mexican Championship." This is Fernando Hernandez's custom design.

German belt

The "German Championship." This was Ubermensch's custom design.

Canadian belt

"Canadian Championship" this was Sudden Impact Chris Storm's custom design

The All-Star Wrestling American Championship is the secondary title in ASW, after the ASW Championship. Holding this belt is often seen as a stepping stone towards becoming an ASW World Champion.

The title was introduced in 2005, where a 20-man battle royal was held. The last two participants in the match faced off the following week. TGO defeated Saku to become the first-ever ASW American Champion.

TGO is the current champion.

List of Champions:

# Date Champion Reign Event Notes
1 January 25, 2005 TGO 1 WrestleFestival 1st Champion
2 July 25, 2005 Saku 1 SummerFest Known as "Samoan Championship" while held by Saku.
3 January 20, 2005 Titanium Eagle 1 WrestleFestival II TItle back to being known as American Championship
4 November 27, 2005 Grah 1 Season's Beatings
5 January 29, 2006 Fernando Hernandez 1 WrestleFestival III Title known as "Mexican Championship" while held by Fernando Hernandez
6 September 24, 2006 TGO 2 Might Makes Right Title back to being known as American Championship; first 2-time champion
7 November 26, 2006 Ubermensch 1 Season's Beatings Title known as "German Championship" while held by Ubermensch.
8 January 28, 2007 Sudden Impact Chris Storm 1 WrestleFestival IV Title known as "Canadian Championship" while held by Storm
9 March 25, 2007 Biff J. Rockenheimen 1 Revenge Back to being known as "American Championship"
10 May 27, 2007 Saku 2 King of Pain Back to being known as "Samoan Championship"
11 September 30, 2007 Biff J. Rockenheimen 2 Might Makes Right Back to being known as "American Championship"
12 January 28, 2008 Saku 3 WrestleFestival V Back to "Samoan Championship"; First 3-time champion
13 January 25, 2009 TGO 3 WrestleFestival 6 Back to being known as "American CHampionship"

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