Asw belt update

The ASW World Heavyweight Championship Title Belt

The All-Star Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship is the grandest prize in the ASW wrestling promotion.

The title was first introduced in 2004 when the company was created. A tournament was held to determine the first champion. Sixteen competitors tried for the championship. In the final match, Rock Hard Steve Johnson defeated Ubermensch. There have been a total of 14 champions, with the title changing hands, on average, 2 times a year.

Interestingly, whenever ASW has introduced a new Pay-Per-View show, the title seems to change hands at the inaugural event.

List of Champions:

# Date Champion Reign Event Notes
1 January 25, 2004 Rock Hard Steve Johnson 1 WrestleFestival 1st Champion, 1st African-American champion
2 July 25, 2004 Ubermensch 1 SummerFest Used steel chair while referee's back was turned.
3 January 20, 2005 Rock Hard Steve Johnson 2 WrestleFestival II 1st two-time ASW Champion
4 November 27, 2005 Grande Gigante 1 Season's Beatings Largest ASW Champion to date
5 January 29, 2006 TGO 1 WrestleFestival III
6 September 24, 2006 Grande Gigante 2 Might Makes Right
7 November 26, 2006 TGO 2 Season's Beatings
8 January 28, 2007 Rock Hard Steve Johnson 3 WrestleFestival IV First 3-time ASW Champion
9 March 25, 2007 Biff J. Rockenheimen 1 Revenge Youngest ASW Champion to date; Shortest Reign to date
10 May 27, 2007 Ubermensch 2 King of Pain
11 September 30, 2007 TGO 3 Might Makes Right
12 January 28, 2008 Biff J. Rockenheimen 2 WrestleFestival V Longest title reign; 363 Days
13 January 25, 2009 Ubermensch 3 WrestleFestival 6
14 July 26, 2009 Biff J. Rockenheimen 3 SummerFest
15 January 28, 2010 Grah 1 Revenge

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