Birthplace Thailand
Hair color Red
Fighting style Muay Thai
Rivals Sagat, Akuma
Debut Street Fighter I

Adon is a crazy-ass Muay Thai warrior who was rescued from the shit-fest known as Street Fighter I, and became someone actually cool.

Adon's goal was to defeat Sagat and prove himself to be the true Emperor of Muay Thai. Of course, he was able to do so, because Sagat is a jobber who somehow managed to lose to Dan Hibiki.

After whooping Sagat's ass, Adon decided to target Akuma. Many fans thought that Akuma probably killed Adon, but this is probably not true, because Street Fighter IV proved that Akuma is incapable of killing anyone ever.

If Adon doesn't show up in Super Street Fighter IV, there WILL be blood.

No, it's cool. He's totally in that game.

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