Akuma (Gouki In Japan)
Akuma in Street Fighter IV
Akuma (Gouki In Japan)
Birthplace Japan
Eye color Black sclera with red puils
Hair color red
Fighting style Ansatsuken
Rivals Ryu, Gen
Debut Super Street Fighter II Turbo, 1993
Live-Action actor(s) Ernie Reyes, Sr.

Official CannonEdit

Much like his brother's pupil, [[Ryu (SF)|Ryu)), Akuma wants to be the greatest fighter in the world. However, unlike Ryu, Akuma will stop at nothing to get this title, even if it means murdering his opponents.

Akuma killed his own brother, Gouken, to see which of the two of them was the strongest. Akuma used the Shungokusatsu (Instant Hell Murder/Raging Demon) technique, sending his brother directly to Hell for a second. He also killed Gen in the same way. Except they both got better.

Akuma sees a lot of himself in Ryu, and is constantly goading the young martial artist to fully embrace the entirety of their martial art. As far as Akuma is concerned, the outcome of the fight is all that matters.

On PsychoAndy.comEdit

Akuma was in the inaugural Heir to the Throne tournament. In the first round, he defeated Mortal Kombat cyber-ninja, Sektor. In round 2, Akuma tied his match with Guilty Gear's Faust, with both of them moving on to the next round. Round 3 saw Art of Fighting's Yuri Sakazaki completely destroy Akuma, which makes no sense at all. I guess it's those purple tights.


In Japan, Akuma is known as Gouki. He is the brother of Gouken, Ryu and Ken's sensei. Akuma and Gouken's sensei was named Goutetsu.

Akuma was thrown in Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game because he had just been found in Super SFII Turbo while SFTMTG was in production. He was portrayed by Ernie Reyes, Sr., who just happened to be on the set.

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