The Gladiators

"American Gladiators" was a live-action sports entertainment competition television program created by Dan Carr and John C. Ferraro for first-run syndication. The show started in September 1989 with 10 male and 10 female competitors in a single-elimination tournament format. The main characters of the show were the Gladiators, initially Malibu, Gemini, Nitro, Lace, Sunny, and Zap, followed in later years with Blaze, Gold, Sabre, Siren, Dallas, Hawk, Rebel, Thor, Wolf, and others.

"American Gladiators" has had numerous personalities cross-over to pro wrestling or vice-versa, most notably Hulk Hogan (who served as host in 2008 after his wrestling career) and Mike Adamle (who served as host from 1989-1996 before becoming a WWE personality). Additionally, season 2 contestant Rico Constantino wrestled for WWE as "Rico" from 2002-2004, WWF's Ludvig Borga worked as a Gladiator in the Finnish TV version, and TNA's Matt Morgan and IZW's Hollywood Yates worked as Gladiator Beast and Wolf, respectively, in 2008.

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