Purple 2001

Out with the old...

Red 2007


The Arizona Diamondbacks are the Major League Baseball franchise in Phoenix, Arizona, and they play in the National League. Known as the D'Backs and the Snakes, they started as an expansion team in 1998, then quickly won the World Series in 2001, bringing the state its first (currently, only) major sports championship. They are one of the four franchises in Phoenix, joining Phoenix Coyotes (NHL), Phoenix Suns (NBA), and Arizona Cardinals (NFL). Allegedly, their owners have been instrumental in trying to get Phoenix Coyotes to move.

After several abysmal seasons and ownership changes following their prestigious World Series championship, the team relaunched its brand in 2007, changing its colors from the unique purple theme to a native Sedona red and black color scheme. At the same time, they embraced their nickname of "D'Backs" over the elongated name "Diamondbacks." For both outfits, they had somewhat identical logos with the team's name under a giant A with a snake's tongue, and a curled rattlesnake in the shape of a "D."

The Diamondbacks play their home games at Chase Field (originally known BankOne Ballpark, i.e. "BOB"). They are the favorite MLB team of Chris Hughes, Jimmy Nova, Gary The Fish, Ed The K Motley, Calder Holbrook, and Taco Bell franchises in Phoenix (naturally), which offered three free tacos the day after every game in which the D'Backs score more than 6 runs (offer valid 4-6PM with the purchase of a large drink) during the 2011 season.

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