Azul Combo is the adoptive daughter of Don Combo, having been found abandoned as a baby. Azul's origins prior to her discovery are unknown. Her skin is light blue, and she has several characteristics of birds; she naturally grows green feathers on her head in place of hair, and her bones are light and hollow. Like a hummingbird, she can move her limbs at a rate of seventy times per second, much faster than a normal human.

Like her father, Azul spent time wrestling in FLAW, where she developed a crush on Captain Happyheart. She did well for herself, being able to defeat her father, as well as former FLAW Champion CATS, to make it to the semifinals of the first FLAW Tournament in season 2. However, she was put out of action by a vicious attack from Great Justice, not long afterward.

We have word that Azul has since made a full recovery, but has no desire to return to the wrestling ring any time soon.

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