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Dave Batista as WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Dave Bautista, better known by his ring name, Batista, is a professional wrestler who works for the WWE.

Before joining the WWE, Batista wrestled as The Leviathan in OVW. But nobody who contributes to this wiki ever watched that, so you don't need to worry about it.

Batista was first introduced to WWE audiences as The Deacon Batista, and he would carry around a collection box for The Reverend D-Von. After that failed travesty, Batista was brought over to Raw, here he was described as being the "Genetic Revolution." Shortly after his trade to Raw, Dave was recruited by Ric Flair and Triple H to join Evolution.

For nearly two years, Batista acted as Evolution's enforcer, protecting Triple H's WWE World Heavyweight Championship as well as every other championship that Evolution would win. When Randy Orton turned on Evolution by refusing to forfeit the WWE World Heavyweight Championship to Triple H, Batista stood behind The Game. During this time, Batista and Flair won the World Tag Team Championship on two occasions. While in Evolution, Jim Ross began referring to Batista as "Evolution's Animal."

In January 2005, Batista won the Royal Rumble match. Given the opportunity to face either World champion, Evolution attempted goading Batista into moving over to Smackdown! and winning the WWE Championship from JBL. However, after overhearing that Triple H was trying to trick Batista into switching shows, the Animal decided to take on his mentor, and at Wrestlemania 21, Batista defeated Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Two months later, John Cena, the new WWE Champion, was randomly drafted to Raw, and Batista wound up being drafted to Smackdown!. Batista defended the World Championship until a back injury in January of 2006 forced him to relinquish the title due to needing over 30 days off.

When Batista returned in July of 2006, he remained a top contender for the World Title, which was now held by King Booker. For months, Batista managed to get rematch after rematch, but couldn't overcome the dastardly king and his court, until he finally overcame the odds at Survivor Series, in the same arena that he had surrendered the title, 11 months before.

Batista retained the championship until he faced the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 23, because nobody can beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Batista managed to get rematch after rematch, but couldn't defeat the Deadman. Finally, Edge defeated The Undertaker after Undertaker defeated Batista in a steel cage. Batista shifted his focus to Edge, and managed to get rematch after rematch, but couldn't defeat the Rated R Superstar. This ended in Batista losing a Last Chance match at Vengeance: Night of Champions by Batista Bomb'ing Edge on the concrete floor, and then rolling Edge into the ring just as the referee counted 10. Batista was too slow getting back in the ring, and because he lost, he could not challenge for the World Championship for the remainder of Edge's reign.

When Edge was forced to relinquish the championship due to injury, it was won by The Great Khali. Batista managed to get rematch after rematch, but couldn't defeat Khali, until he finally did, in a Punjabi Prison match. Batista held the title until he was defeated by the returning Edge at WWE Armageddon in a triple threat match also involving The Undertaker.

Batista bounced around the upper-midcard part of the Smackdown! roster, holding the WWE Tag Team Championship with Rey Mysterio at one point, until Shawn Michaels defeated Ric Flair in a retirement match. Sad that his old friend was forced into retirement, Batista cried about it and began feuding with Michaels. Michaels kicked Batista in the face for being such a moron to win their match at WWE Backlash, but Batista won their stretcher match at WWE Judgment Day.

The Animal was drafted back to Raw in the 2008 draft, and he and John Cena became World Tag Team Champions by defeating The Legacy. The duo couldn't get along, however, and lost the belts back to The Legacy a week later.

At WWE Cyber Sunday, Batista defeated Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship, which ended up on Raw thanks to CM Punk. However, Jericho defeated Batista just eight days later in a Steel Cage match. Surprisingly, Batista didn't get a string of rematches, and instead was targeted by his former Evolution teammate, Randy Orton. The two built up teams of their own to face off at Survivor Series, which Orton's team won when Orton punted Batista in the head. The two faced off at Armageddon in a one-on-one match, which Batista won. Soon after, Batista and John Cena took on Orton and The Legacy in a three-on-two handicap match, during which Batista was injured, and scheduled to be out of action for six to eight months.

Four months later, Batista returned to save Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Shane McMahon from an attack at the hands of Orton and The Legacy. Vince announced that the Backlash main event would be Batista, Triple H, and Shane taking on Orton and The Legacy in a match where if Orton's team won, Orton would be awarded the WWE Championship. While Batista and Shane O'Mac were outside the ring taking on DiBiase and Rhodes, Orton defeated Triple H.

The next night, Batista defeated Big Show to become the #1 contender for the WWE Championship at Judgment Day. Orton got himself disqualified to retain his championship, and so Batista got... surprise... a rematch. This time, battle would take place inside a Steel Cage at WWE Extreme Rules. Batista won the match, securing his first WWE Championship. However, the next night, Orton and The Legacy attacked Batista. The culmination of battles tore Batista's biceps muscle, and he was forced to relinquish the WWE Championship and go on the injured list.

Batista returned to Smackdown!, as he became a free agent during his time off. After his return, Batista first used the Ankle Lock, a move made popular in pro wrestling by Kurt Angle and Ken Shamrock, to defeat The Big Show. At WWE Hell in a Cell, Batista teamed up with Rey Mysterio to attempt an win the WWE Unified Tag Team Championship, but they were unsuccessful.

On the 09 October 09 episode of Smackdown!, Batista attempted to Batista Bomb CM Punk outside the ring. Punk grabbed the top rope and kicked Batista away, before falling in the ring just as the referee counted 10, in a match reminiscent of Batista's loss to Edge in their Last Chance Championship match in 2006.

At WWE Elimination Chamber, Batista defeated John Cena to win the WWE Championship for the second time. Unfortunately, his second reign was hardly impressive either since he lost the title in his first major title defense six weeks later at WrestleMania XXVI when John Cena forced him to submit.

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