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Beau Jarred in Cottonwood

Beau Jarred Matthew Schekeryk -- (born September 11, 1980, in Tampa, FL) is a self-taught classical guitarist and classically-trained folk rhythm guitarist currently residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is the youngest child of folk legend Melanie Safka-Schekeryk. Beau Jarred almost always performs alongside his mother whenever she performs, wherever across the world. Likewise, he joined Safka for their second album About You in 1998. Lately, he has been accompanying his sister Jeordie, often performing and recording with Jeordie & The Mixology Project.

Aside from accompanying others, Beau Jarred has logged numerous his solo records and he frequently performs alone, usually as an opening act at Melanie's shows.

In addition to performing, Beau Jarred Schekeryk is recording an advanced guitar-lesson DVD to teach his unique style of flamenco guitar, which he taught himself after hours of trying to keep up with a record. As it turned out, the playback was on a faster setting for that record, so it was recorded at a significantly slower pace, but incredibly, Beau Jarred's perseverance enabled him to adopt the seemingly superhuman feat.

Outside of music, Beau Jarred is also a solid athlete. In high school, he was a successful amateur wrestler who excelled on the mats under the watchful eye of Lanny Poffo.

In recent years, Beau Jarred Schekeryk has studied musical engineering thoroughly as well, since his father Peter Schekeryk (RIP) was Melanie's producer throughout her career. Beau Jarred's first producing credit is on Melanie's 2010 album Ever Since You Never Heard of Me, which he co-produced with his father.