"Beyond The Mat" was a 1999 documentary about the pro wrestling business, which focused on how any man could live a normal family life while portraying a larger-than-life character. In order to answer this question, Brian W. Blaustein candidly followed the lives and careers of Mick Foley, Jake The Snake Roberts, Terry Funk, and several others over the course of several months, and though his experiences, he conveyed in a broad perspective of what trials and tribulations wrestlers may encounter daily.

The film featured shoot interviews with the likes of Vince McMahon, The Rock, Paul Heyman, Jesse The Body Ventura, and many other legends, as well as family members and independent wrestlers. Pest control businessman Dennis Stamp gained renewed sense of fame from the film, especially for noting how he had to stay in shape at age 50 because he never knew when "the next call" would come, which became a punchline amongst die-hard wrestling fans.

Some events detailed in the film were Barely Legal, Jake Roberts meeting with his daughter at her graduation, "50 Years of Funks" (Terry Funk's 1997 retirement show), Darren Drozdov's meeting where he was told his ring name would be Puke, and the "I Quit" match between WWF Champion Mankind and The Rock where Mankind received multiple chair shots to the head while his family watched helplessly from ringside.

Although a fictionalized account, the screenplay for The Wrestler (2008) was heavily inspired by this film.

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