Height 5'something
Weight 100-something
Hair color Blonde
Fighting style Big f'n guns

Birdy was hired by Sabretooth to use her telepathic powers and provide him with what he termed "the glow," a psychic blast that satiated his bloodlust and nubmed the pain of his suppressed memories, allowing him to control himself for short periods. As she had no offensive abilities, Birdy often carried a big gun and drove the getaway car. She was with Sabretooth when the Hand revived Omega Red, and again when he was being hunted by assassins. For reasons still uncertain, perhaps simply fear, Birdy betrayed Sabretooth to the Tribune. However, when she was found by Sabretooth shortly thereafter, he came after her as if to kill her but did not. When he finally confronted Tribune, the mastermind behind the hits, Birdy came in to help. She linked Sabretooth's and Tribune's minds, and Sabretooth discovered that Tribune was his son, Graydon Creed, the leader of the Friends of Humanity. Unfortunately, Graydon then stabbed Birdy to death in order to torture his father and drive him nuts.

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