The Black Crowes, 2009

The Black Crowes (TBC) are a blues-oriented, hard rock jam band from Atlanta, Georgia. They were heralded by Melody Maker as "The Most Rock 'n' Roll Rock 'n' Roll Band in the World" and they have sold over 20 million albums in 20 years. The band is fronted by brothers Rich & Chris Robinson whose public battles are well-documented. Their highest-selling album Shake Your Money Maker was released in 1990, and it charted several singles including "She Talks to Angels," "Jealous Again," "Twice As Hard," and "Hard to Handle" (an Otis Redding cover). It was followed by their only #1 album The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion (only the second album to debut in the #1 spot ever) fueled by the single "Remedy," which became one of the Crowes' signature songs.

Released in 1994, Amorica, considered widely among fans (including Edward Motley) as their best album, was the first one to not achieve platinum certification, despite the success of its late-blooming single "Wiser Time." Three Snakes and One Charm came out in 1996, followed with By Your Side in 1999 (which brought some success with "Kickin' My Heart Around," "By Your Side," and the highly-respected but often overlooked "Virtue and Vice"). After the tours following the release of Lions in 2001, the Black Crowes officially broke up.

During the off-time, both Robinson brothers released singles albums, but their official split only lasted a few years before the Black Crowes officially reformed in 2005, starting with a free concert in New York City. Their next studio album Warpaint was released in March 2008 (the same day as the sophomore album by What Made Milwaukee Famous) and it was followed with a live CD and live DVD called Warpaint Live featuring the band performing all the album's tracks. Most recently, Before The Frost was released in August 2009, which included a downloadable bonus album titled ... Until The Freeze. A few months later, the band released Cabin Fever, a live DVD of the performances used for the 2009 album, which was recorded before a live audience at Levon Helm's studio The Barn in Woodstock, NY.

In celebration of their 20th anniversary, The Black Crowes released Croweology in 2010, followed by a final tour of the same name, which concluded on December 19, 2010, before the band's second official hiatus. That break ended in 2012 with a series of NYC performances titled Wiser For The Time. Several songs were compiled together for their new live album of the same title, which was released exclusively on Vinyl and digital download on March 13, 2013.


  • Shake Your Money Maker (1990)
  • The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion (1992)
  • Amorica (1994)
  • Three Snakes and One Charm (1996)
  • By Your Side (1999)
  • Live at the Greek [as Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes] (2000)
  • Greatest Hits: A Work in Progress (2000)
  • Lions (2001)
  • Live (2002)
  • Freak 'n' Roll ... Into the Fog (2005)
  • The Lost Crowes (2006)
  • Warpaint (2008)
  • Warpaint Live (2009)
  • Before The Frost... Until The Freeze (2009)
  • Croweology (2010)

Band Members:

  • Chris Robinson (vocals)
  • Rich Robinson (guitar)
  • Paul Stacey (guitar)
  • Luther Dickinson (guitar)
  • Adam MacDougall (keyboard)
  • Steve Gorman (drums)

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