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From "The Voice" on NBC

Blake Tollison Shelton -- (born June 18, 1976, in Ada, Oklahoma) is a famed country music artist who has charted several singles on the country charts, including seven #1 hits, and he appeared as one of the celebrity judges for "The Voice" on NBC and "Nashville Star" on USA Network as well as a team leader on ""Clash of the Choirs." Additionally, he is engaged to fellow country music artist Miranda Lambert; the two began dating in 2006.

Shelton moved to Nashville in 1994 and worked the local scene until he signed a record contract in 1998. In 2001, Blake released a self-titled debut album, which instantly generated his first #1 hit with "Austin." Following that album, The Dreamer saw its first single "The Baby" reach the top of the Billboard's Hot Country charts in February 2003, the same month of the album's release. Blake Shelton's Barn & Grill was his third album, released in October 2004, and it did not generate a #1 hit until December with its second single "Some Beach." His next album Pure BS was first released in May 2007, but its only #1 hit came after a re-release in early 2008 with three bonus tracks, including "Home," which topped the charts in July. His fifth album Startin' Fires followed in November 2008, and its first single "She Wouldn't Be Gone" reached #1 in February 2009 (a full six months after its release). His next two hits came in the same year as "Hillbilly Bone" (a duet with Trace Adkins) topped the charts on March 27, 2010, and "All About Tonight" followed suit in late August.

Before he was a country star, Blake attended high school with Ed The K Motley and they had a few classes together before Blake graduated one year before Kay. While not a huge fan, Kay supports Shelton's success, openly admitting that he was 100% wrong when he doubted Blake could ever be a nationally-accepted musician after seeing his performance at McSwain Theaters (Ada) in 1993.

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