Bone Claw Wolverine
Wolverine with bone claws
Bone Claw Wolverine
Real Name James Howlett/Logan
Birthdate Over 100 years ago.
Birthplace Canada
Height 5'3"
Weight 195 lbs. (He's 100 pounds lighter than Wolverine because he has no Adamantium
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Fighting style Various
Allies X-Men, Avengers, etc.
Rivals Magneto, Thanos, Shuma-Gorath, M. Bison, Akuma, etc.
Debut Marvel vs. Capcom 2, 1999

Wolverine with bone claws.

When Magneto ripped the Adamantium off of Wolverine's skeleton in X-Men #25 (1993), it was revealed the next month, in Wolverine #75 (1993) that Wolverine, in fact, had bone claws, and that the claws must have been a part of his mutation, all along. Previously, Logan was under the belief that the claws had been added by the Weapon X Project, as he had no memory of ever using them before his time in the Weapon X project.

For the next several years, Wolverine became more and more feral and bestial. It was revealed that the adamantium bonded to the ol' Canuckle head's skeleton was retarding his mutation by overloading his healing factor - the adamantium was poisoning him, and because his healing factor was working in overtime, it prevented him from becoming the beastly monster that he would have otherwise eventually mutated into.

It wasn't until Wolverine was made one of Apocalypse's horsemen that he was given his adamantium skeleton back.

Nearly 10 years later, in the series ORIGIN, we're warped back to Victorian-era Canada, where we meet a young James Howlett, a sickly boy who is just entering puberty. During a fight, James sprouts three bone claws from the back of each hand.

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