Whc booker

"All Hail, King Booker"

Booker T -- (born March 1, 1965, as Booker Tio Huffman, in Houston, TX) is a semi-retired pro wrestler, best known for his work in World Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment, and Total Nonstop Action. Booker T has won upwards of 35 major wrestling titles, including the WCW Tag Team Championship with brother Stevie Ray, WCW Television Championship, United States Championship, WWE Hardcore Championship, Intercontinental Championship, World Tag Team Championship, TNA Tag Team Championship, TNA Legend's Championship, WCW World Heavyweight Championship, WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and others.

Booker T broke into the business through the oft-forgotton Global Wrestling Federation (GWF) as the Ebony Experience with Stevie Ray. WCW hired them in 1993 as Harlem Heat, and they remained in the tag division through 1997 when Booker T won his first WCW Television championship. In 1998, he became a breakout singles star during a Best of Seven series with Chris Benoit. After several months of solid performances in WCW and popularizing his Spin-A-Roonie, Booker T was rewarded at Bash at the Beach in July 2000 when he won the WCW World title amidst controversy. On the last WCW pay-per-view, Booker T won the WCW United States championship and then he won the WCW Championship on the last Monday Nitro.

Joining the WWF for the WCW Invasion, Booker T and Diamond Dallas Page were the top names representing WCW. Afterward the Winner Take All match, both men fell down the card considerably. DDP left WWE due to injury, but Booker T continued. He challenged Triple H to the World Heavyweight championship at WrestleMania XIX, but he came up short. A few years later, he won the King of the Ring tournament to become King Booker, earning another shot at the championship shortly therafter. This time, he successfully dethroned Rey Mysterio for the championship. His reign lasted several months before Batista won the title after a few rematches.

When WWE wanted to match King Booker against "The King of Kings," Booker T left for TNA in November 2007 (knowing he'd be used as fodder for HHH). Although it seemed like a solid fit, Booker never found his place in TNA, except for a successful run in the Main Event Mafia.

Booker T returned to WWE for the 40-man Royal Rumble in January 2011. Since that time, Booker T has been providing color commentary for Smackdown broadcasts.

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