Bootlegs featured 21 original songs

"Bootlegs" was the name of the second solo CD written, recorded, and released by Jeordie. The compact disc featured 21 original tracks, each recorded live at various times and locations over the course of the previous five years. It was the second CD by Learning Curve Productions and it was released in September 2006. All music and lyrics were written by Jeordie Schekeryk.

Quoting from the liner notes, "These are some of my favorite recordings -- very simple, some bittersweet and with no agenda ... these Bootlegs are some of the tracks that made the journey to the stage onto CD so far." The first several hundred copies of the CD were sold with a jewel case and jacket. Nowadays, the CD itself is for sale at a discounted price at most of Jeordie's live performances.

At the CD Release Party for "Bootlegs," Edward Motley surprised each Jeordie and Jason Messer with their own copy of a special Bootlegs DVD full of live performances of the songs featured on the CD from various shows he had filmed from the prior 14 months. Not surprisingly, Kay was thanked in the liner notes: "Also, many thanks to my biggest fan Ed The K Motley for being such a good friend and participant in our music."

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Big Fish
3. Sunset Strip
4. Red
5. Pre U
6. Love of My Life
7. Maybe Baby
8. TLC
9. Possibilities
10. Truly a Blessing
11. Diamond
12. Won't See Me Cry
13. Bridges
14. Nothing
15. Love is Cruel
16. Lately
17. Ups and Downs
18. Roadside Show
19. Enjoy the Life
20. Runback
21. Voodoo
22. Realized
23. Outro

The following Arizona clubs, restaurants, and venues are the locations where the final cuts of the tracks used on the compact disc were recorded: Red Owl in Tempe, e4 in Scottsdale, Yucca Taproom in Tempe, KNOT Radio ("a now long gone web radio station" on Mill Avenue in Tempe), and El Paso BBQ in Mesa.

In an effort to raise funds for the release of the CD, a preliminary copy of the CD was released prematurely. It featured a slightly different track listing and extended liner notes. Additionally, some tracks were shortened for the official release (most notably "Roadside Show" and "Runback").

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