The Boston Bruins are one of the National Hockey League hockey teams known as the "Original Six" since the franchise survived through the Great Depression until the 1967 expansion. Immediately after winning the Stanley Cup in 2011, the Bruins went from having the second-longest Stanley Cup drought to having the shortest one. The Bruins defeated Vancouver Canucks in seven games on June 15, 2011, to win the Stanley Cup for its ninth time.

The 2010-2011 Boston Bruins learned to overcome the odds to reach the Stanley Cup. Prior to its first round win over the Montreal Canadiens in overtime of Game 7, the Bruins had never overcome a 0-2 series deficit in franchise history. Disproving it was a fluke, Bruins faced an 0-2 series deficit in the Stanley Cup Finals as well, but they trounced the Canucks and outscored them 23-8 by the end of the series. According to Ed The K Motley, the Bruins victory over the Canadiens was its most critical because it taught them how to win. Additionally, Kay likes to point out that it took the Cup-winners seven games and overtime to eliminate the Habs.

Their latest Stanley Cup ended years of frustration for what few fans they have over being a good team that wasn't good enough for a deep play-off run. In 2010 play-offs, they lost a 3-0 series lead to Flyers (then, lost Game 7 despite going up 3-0 in the game itself). Twice Bruins had the #1-seed in the Eastern Conference and they were eliminated in the first round by the Canadiens.

The rivalry between Boston and Montreal is one of the most fabled rivalry in sports, earning the top spot in the NHL-produced DVD of "Top 10 Greatest NHL Rivalries."

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