The Bovein Sisters include Camilla Wight-Bovein, Julia Bovein, Joanie Bovein, and the eleven other unseen, unnamed, adoptive daughters of Mike Bovein in the PsychoAndyverse webcomic, Hawk & Croc. All thirteen Bovein sisters (including Camilla, Joanie, and Julia) were born within a calendar year of each other. They are, in order of age:

Camilla, Janet, Bru, Marsha, Avril, Mayflower, Joanie, Julia, Augusta, Amber, Tobi, Nova, and Dodecahedron.

The only Bovein sister to have kept her non-adoptive name is Camilla Wight-Bovein, who was adopted at a later age than the other sisters. The other 12 are all named after their birth months in some fashion.

It is still unknown why Mike Bovein thought it was a good idea to adopt 13 girls who were so close in age to each other. Perhaps he and his wife could not procreate? It is unknown if he is married.

In case it wasn't stupidly obvious, the Bovein family is a parody of M. Bison and the Shadowloo Dolls in Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha series.