Brandon A. Mayo is the co-creator of the inaugural PsychoAndyverse Webcomic, Hawk & Croc, as well as the co-creator of 3rd Sprite. He is also the creator of Art of Fighting Adventures, FLAW, and various other fanfictions and writings.

Brandon and Psycho Andy met on the AOL Keyword: Video Games Sonic the Hedgehog message boards in 1999. It was their mutual interest in things other than Sonic the Hedgehog that brought them together as friends.

In late 2002, Andy wanted to begin creating a webcomic. He contacted Brandon about helping him write it, as Brandon was a far more experienced (and better) writer than Andy. Brandon agreed, and the two decided to write a comic using their two main fictional protagonists, Dariaan Nighthawk and X-Croc. Hawk & Croc ran from 01.March.2003 through 01.March.2008, which included 325 comics.

He is the creator and owner of the following characters:

From Hawk & Croc:

From FLAW: hosts the largest archive of Brandon A. Mayo writings on the entire Internet.