Heel Big Show punches a chair into babyface Triple H's face.

Building Heat is the typical second portion of a professional wrestling match-up. After the Babyface Shine, the heel will cheat in some way to establish that he is a rule-breaking jerkoff, thus generating heat.

During the heat-building phase, the Heel will use such typical, dirty heel maneuvers such as eye gouging,  low blows, and distracting the referee to use foreign objects. After taking the lead, the heel will often lock the babyface in a submission hold, such as a reverse chin lock or a bow and arrow stretch, until the crowd starts to  pop. At this time, one of two things will occur:

A) The Babyface will fight out of the submission hold and begin the comeback

B) The Babyface will begin to fight out of the submission hold, but the heel will cheat and lock it back on

C) The Babyface will fight out of the submission hold and hit one or two moves, until the heel cheats again and re-establishes dominance. This phenomena is known as a hope spot.

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