Ha Ha Ha Ha.
Real Name Emperor CATS of All Your Base
Eye color Red
Hair color Green
Fighting style Dirty/Showman
Allies Giant Enemy Crab, Ice Climbers
Rivals Happyheart Bros., Dan Hibiki, Robodile
Debut Zero Wing

In A.D. 2101, war was beginning.

CATS, emperor of the intergalactic empire also called CATS, set up Captain the bomb, then made Captain get signal. When Captain's main screen turn on, he saw that it's CATS. CATS then asked gentlemen how are they, then politely informed them that all their base are belong to him.

Despite the fact that Captain was on the way to destruction, Captain asked CATS what he say, then ordered zig to move for great justice. However, Captain had no time to survive make his time. Then he explodded.

FLAW Info Edit

Championships and accomplishments Edit

Trademark wrestling moves Edit

  • Way to Destruction (Stratusfaction)
  • Zero Effect (Side Effect)
  • Gentlemen's Elbow (Diving elbow drop from the top rope)

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