Camilla Wight-Bovein is the 13th adopted daughter of Mike Bovein, and the adoptive sister of Janet, Bru, Marsha, Avril, Mayflower, Augusta, Amber, Tobi, Nova, Dodecahedron, Julia, and Joanie Bovein. She is a part of the PsychoAndyverse, introduced in the webcomic Hawk & Croc.

She attended Leonardo High School, where she dated Dariaan Nighthawk. When her father was transferred to Thailand, she has to go with. Before she left, she got really drunk and may have had a one-night stand with Gila Consuelos, and event which Gila claims ruined his life.

Upon her return to Leonardo, she ran into her old boyfriend, whom she found out had moved on without her. This crushed Camilla, but Hawk promised that they could be friends. She is presumably still living in Leonardo.

The Bovein family is a parody of M. Bison and the Shadowloo Dolls in Capcom's Street Fighter Alpha series. Camilla Wight-Bovein is a direct parody of Cammy White.