Jeordie's first studio album cover

"Can I Ask You Something?" was the name of the first studio album written, recorded, and released by Jeordie. The compact disc featured 10 new tracks recorded at Phase Four Studios in Tempe, AZ, with Jason Messer on lead guitar, Mario Zelaya on bass, and Dave Small on drums. The songs were produced by Chad Carlson. The last two tracks were previously released on Safka "About You" (1998, KAM Records). It was the first CD by Learning Curve Productions. All music and lyrics were written by Jeordie Schekeryk.

Track listing:
1. Someone Else's Love
2. Realized
3. Breathe It All In
4. Go For It
5. Way Too Late
6. Pity
7. Voodoo
8. Alright
9. Lately
10. Whatever It Takes
11. Deception
12. Forever & Ever

Prior to the official release of the album, a full-length video for "Breathe It All In" was filmed in May 2002. Additionally, a preliminary demo was released in August 2002, which featured all songs that had been completed up to that point.

After the release of the album, the music appeared in the independent film "Say Goodnight" (written and directed by Tim Ashbey and produced by Palms Up Productions) which was featured at the Phoenix Film Festival in 2005.

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