Capcom is Psycho Andy's favorite video game developer and publisher. They are responsible for the following video games and franchises:

- Street Fighter
- Puzzle Fighter
- Final Fight
- Megaman
- Resident Evil
- Darkstalkers
- Rival Schools
- Devil May Cry
- Dead Rising
- Lost Planet
- Captain Commando
- the Marvel Vs. series
- King of the Dragons
- Power Stone
- Viewtiful Joe
- Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
- Phoenix Wright

...and dozens more.

Random facts about Capcom learned from their mascot, Captain Commando:

- Capcom's first game was Vulgus, made in 1984!
- Great leaders can't afford to lose!
- I welcome your challenge! You can become the best!
- It’s not all about good looks. Game play is the key!
- We stand for justice, fair play and character!
- Get up, go home, and tell 'em who defeated you!
- Burn, baby, burn!
- Thank you for playing this game!