Captain Happyheart
Logo by Psycho Andy
Captain Happyheart
Real Name Captain Happyheart (no seriously)
Height 6'1"
Weight 185 lbs.
Eye color Hidden by sunglasses
Hair color Pink
Allies Un Happyheart, Don Combo, Azul Combo, Robodile
Rivals CATS, Giant Enemy Crab
Debut FLAW season 1

Captain Happyheart is the mascot character of Brandon A. Mayo. Captain Happyheart possesses a tremendous amount of positive energy, and can wield it as pink energy blasts.

Because his body continuously produces positive energy, he is constantly cheerful and jubilant; nobody has yet to find a way to make him unhappy. His childlike enthusiasm for video games, professional wrestling, and Internet geek culture make him a constant fountain of obscure jokes, even in serious circumstances. He is both easy to get along with and easy to be annoyed by; it could be said that Captain Happyheart's personality is best taken in small doses.

Despite having very little fighting skill, Captain Happyheart is somehow able to defeat enemies more powerful and more skilled than himself. His ability to defeat his enemies seemingly by luck, along with his lackadaisical attitude toward fighting, make him a constant source of frustration for his enemies.

Captain Happyheart lives in Squaresville, an urban village in South Carolina, with his twin brother Un Happyheart. He is good friends with Robodile, Don Combo, and his daughter Azul Combo. As Squaresville is often targeted by evildoers who seek the property for nefarious means, Captain Happyheart is usually the village's first line of defense.

He made his story debut in FLAW, where he was crowned the very first FLAW Champion after defeating five other wrestlers in the organization's first match. He successfully defended the title against Mr. Karate, but ended up losing the title to CATS, who coerced Un Happyheart into disguising himself as his brother and allowing CATS to pin him for the title.

In Season 2, Captain Happyheart competed in the FLAW Tournament in an attempt to regain the title, but ended up losing to Terrance Beauregard in the semifinals.

In Season 3, Captain Happyheart now fights in the tag team division, alongside his brother Un Happyheart, as the Happyheart Bros.

FLAW Info Edit

Championships and accomplishments Edit

Trademark wrestling moves Edit

  • The Leg Drop (atomic leg drop)
  • Diving The Leg Drop (leg drop from the top turnbuckle)
  • =D D T
  • Rosie Palm (slap)

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