Mal is only half-mal.

Mallory Teagan Lewis -- (born July 12, 1985, in Mayfield Heights, Ohio) is a registered nurse from Ohio who resides in Mentor and currently works at Cleveland Clinic Main Campus as a Cardiovascular Surgery Stepdown Nurse. After high school, Mal started an EMT-Basic course at Tri-C before starting EMT-Paramedic program. In May 2009, Mal received her nursing associates degree from Lakeland Community College in Kirtland.

The name Mallory is of French origin meaning "unlucky," but it also lends itself to many amusing variations, like (most frequently) Carbon Maloxide, Mallorina, Malpractice, Malnage á Trois, Malicious, etc. etc., so she will pretty much answer to anything nowadays, except "magnanimous." Somehow, "AniMal" is not one of her most common nicknames, even though she is an avid animal lover and a huge fan of Batista.

While growing up, Mal played the violin in an orchestra and she was a certified synchronized swimmer, as well as an honor student. She also worked at Suncoast, Game Stop, and Target, before starting the EMT-Basic course. She was the youngest of three children.

Additionally, Mal is the next-door neighbor of Emily Roeder and Kevin Czapiewski. She has been a key member of the Message Boards since January 2009 and a new core member of the Mongolian BBQ Horde Anime Gang (which is appropriate since Mongolian BBQ is among her favorite foods). She is an avid fan of bad reality shows and good comedies. Her favorite TV show is "House M.D.," her favorite comedian is Daniel Tosh, and her favorite movie is by far "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy," which she has memorized. If you have any doubts, then play Anchorman at home and she can recite most of the movie to you through AIM as it happens. Mal also loves getting her hair done, for which she will often color it differently. Mal enjoys watching pro wrestling and as previously mentioned Batista is her favorite wrestler (and perhaps future husband). Like most board members, she hates The Miz.