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The Caterwauls were an independent band based in Tempe, Arizona.  It was headed by singer/songwriter Kyle Sonnenberg with bassist Sam Conrad and drummer Tony Juarez.  Their style was a blend of various music types, characterized as "punk, funk, & melodic junk."  They recorded their first studio album "Prescription Pill" in 2004, featuring 10 original tracks.  They recorded and released their second studio album "Rozepedals" in 2005, featuring 11 more original tracks.  In 2006, the band substituted its drummer for Lee McFadden.  The band continued performing songs Kyle Sonnenberg released under his own name for the next couple years.  The group quietly disbanded in early 2008, but Kyle Sonnenberg continued to write and record new music until he formed Superfunk Allstars in 2009.

The term "caterwaul" means to sing off-key, best characterized by the noises made by female cats in heat; thus a dry satire for use as a band's name.

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The Caterwauls are the favorite band of Ed The K Motley as evident by his MySpace URL of /caterwauls.  Kay first learned of the band on March 4, 2003 while celebrating Mardi Gras on Mill Avenue.  Unfortunately it was not until September 4, 2004, through an unrelated invitation that Kay saw his first Caterwauls show.  Observing an acoustic guitar, an electric bass, and a small trapset sitting inside the Trunk Space for First Friday, he thought to himself, "oh, this is gonna suck!"  By his own admission, he could not have been more wrong. Kay briefly worked as their manager in Spring 2006.

In 2012, Kay began a project to release a Caterwauls Live CD, which he completed in late-September (just in time for Kyle's birthdays that year), taking various performances of Caterwauls playing their best songs and some songs that were never released on any albums. The album was titled "This Is Not An Emergency" after the song "Emergency" and an unused album design that Kay initially conceived for the Caterwauls back in 2004.

For many years, their official website was (no one ever seemed to know what the "/fla" represented) but the website closed down at the end of 2007 before the group disbanded.  The website was the exclusive home of "Prescription Pill" until the CD was re-released in August 2005.

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