Catharsis was an independent CD by Chris Hiatt, recorded and released in 1999 through Shrangri-La Records. Unlike Dreaming of Miranda, the style of music on this CD had a much stronger blues presence, although the CD itself was not a blues album.

The album featured 8 original tracks (including one hidden cover) with Chris Hiatt on lead vocals and lead guitar, as well as percussion. Lance Elliot played bass and the late Johnny Flores on drums.

Track Listing:
1. 6x6x4
2. D.O.A.
3. Revenge
4. Keep These Blues Away
5. Rest Stop for my Heart
6. Under Surveillance
7. Kill the Bridesmaids
8. Too Many Drugs (in High School)

Each time Chris Hiatt performed "Kill The Bridesmaids" live, he claimed that he wrote the song with a bride. Originally, they were composing a sappy love song for the wedding, but then she learned that her groom had been unfaithful with her best friend(s), so instead, they changed the lyrics of the song just slightly.

According to Chris Hiatt's introduction for the song "6x6x4," the song was inspired by Kurt Cobain's suicide.

"D.O.A." is a cover of the Dead Moon song by Fred Cole.

The Stevie Ray Vaughan song "Scuttle Buttin'" appeared as a hidden track about 15 seconds of silence after "Too Many Drugs."

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