Residents inside Chez Kay

Chez Kay is the current living space of Ed The K Motley and Pins & Needles. Chez Kay is located near Thomas & Hayden, basically behind Whataburger/Los Betos in south Scottsdale, and it is approximately three miles from The Casa.

Similarly, the Ray Kitty Ranch was the local residence of Kay's friend Amy Ray (ex-girlfriend whom he met in Chicago), Jericho, and Kaena. The Ray Kitty Ranch is currently located in Galesburg, Illinois, although it was originally located on University between Dobson & Alma School in Mesa, Arizona, outside of which Alison and her kittens roamed the surrounding areas.

Alison Litter 2A

Cats love Ray Kitty Ranch

Originally, the name "Chez Kay" was used in balance with "Chez Ray," which was what Kay called Amy's place for the first couple of years, but Amy greatly preferred her "ranch" theme (and with the number of stray cats eating there, it was hard to argue).

In November 2010, Jeordie and Chad MacDonald moved across the street from Chez Kay, where Kay has been able to sit for Moonpie & Playmate on numerous occasions. MP&PM (as they are affectionately abbreviated) paid a brief visit to Chez Kay in October 2010, before Kay took them to be boarded at his neighbor's place for the week that he and Jeordie were out of state. Unfortunately, like most non-human visitors, MP&PM were treated as intruders by Pins & Needles and vanquished to the Chez Kay patio.

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