B'hawks of the Original Six

The Chicago Blackhawks are one of the National Hockey League hockey teams known as the "Original Six" since the franchise survived through the Great Depression until the 1967 expansion. After winning the Stanley Cup in 1961, the Blackhawks went 49 years without a Cup, marking the second longest Stanley Cup drought in NHL history, right behind the New York Rangers at 54 years. Fortunately for their fans, the Blackhaws won the Stanley Cup in six games on June 9, 2010, beating the Philadelphia Flyers in sudden death overtime when Patrick Kane scored the most awkward Cup-winning goal of all-time. The winning goal went unseen by the broadcast television angle, as well as many independent radio announcers; one of whom made the call, "he shoots, he scores, and he rounds around the net, the Flyers backing into a good position here."

Chicago Blackhawks are a favorite team of Jimmy Nova, ranking only behind Phoenix Coyotes in his book. Their new drought is unlikely to last another 49 years. According to Chris Hughes, "They're set up to be a dynasty. It's a young team. If they keep the core group of guys together they should be contenders for the next 4-5 years." Hughes also commented on Message Boards that "(Patrick) Kane needs to show up (if) the Hawks are going to win" three days before Kane scored the Cup-winning goal, so he's a rather credible source (especially since he was born in Canada).

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