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As World champion in 2004

Chris Michael Benoit -- (born May 21, 1965, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) was a pro wrestler and he was arguably the most revered wrestler in recent history until a tragic double murder/suicide in which he murdered his wife Nancy, killed his son Daniel, and then took his own life over the course of a weekend in June 2007.

In his childhood, Chris Benoit became a devoted fan of Stampede Wrestling in Calgary near his Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, home, where he idolized The Dynamite Kid. After high school, Benoit received training from the infamous Hart Dungeon before wrestling in Stampede Wrestling for a number of years, as well as stretching his work schedule overseas into Japan. Benoit wrestled in World Championship Wrestling as early as 1992, but he preferred working in Japan, so he spent most of his career over there as Wild Pegasus. He won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight championship in 1990 and the Super J Cup tournament in 1994.

When Extreme Championship Wrestling offered him a spot, it was the best of both worlds since it gave him domestic proximity to his family and an in-ring style more inline with the Orient. Eventually, WCW rehired a number of ECW performers, including Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, and Rey Mysterio, and Benoit became a member of the Four Horsemen with Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, & Brian Pillman.

After unbearable working conditions in 2000 led to contract disputes, Chris Benoit (along with Malenko, Guerrero, and Perry Saturn) was released from his WCW contract, and the quartet moved to the World Wrestling Federation as the Radicalz in February 2000. Their move marked a huge turning point in the Monday Night Wars, and the WWF bought WCW about 13 months later. In WWE, Benoit assumed the aggressive road schedule but he maintained the challenge, working himself all the way up the ranks to the World Heavyweight championship in March 2004. Benoit held the championship until SummerSlam 2004, where he lost the title to Randy Orton.

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Despite being on the downslide of his career, Chris Benoit remained devoted to World Wrestling Entertainment, even after Jericho left and Malenko retired. In November 2005, the wrestling world lost Eddie Guerrero and Benoit was never quite the same thereafter. Many experts and friends believe his loss of Guerrero made the tragic events of June 2007 possible. Unfortunately, the exact motives for the incident will remain a mystery, subject only to speculation and personal opinion. The news broke on Monday afternoon, and Monday Night Raw was planned to be a mock funeral for Vince McMahon, but the entire event was canceled and WWE ran a tribute show for the three-hour broadcast. During the airing of the broadcast, the details of the events were made public. Since those events, Benoit has become a polarizing subject amongst wrestling fans in which they remain split between recognizing Benoit for his years of quality performances and his library of incredible matches and condemning Benoit as the perpetrator of those inconceivable acts of violence.