Sgt. Christopher Hughes aka The_Dead_Irish_Duck aka El AlcoHALLic has been one of Psycho Andy's best friends since they met in high school in the fall of 1998. It was their mutual love for professional wrestling and their shared interest in collecting and customizing action figures that marked them as friends.

In 2001, Chris began playing Raw Deal with Andy, TJ and Chris Eriksen. The four of them founded Team Ape Suit, rivals to the Legion of Pain at the Game Knights card shop.

In 2003, Hughes signed up for the United States Army, and was soon thereafter sent to war in Iraq. Upon completion of his tour, he was sent to South Korea for 18 months. While in Korea, Chris learned about the existence of IZW.

Hughes returned to the United States in 2006 where he remained for just a few months as a bad ass high speed low drag US. Army Recruiter before being shipped out to Afghanistan because he was dumb enough to hold the MOS of 11B(Infantryman) and they needed highly motivated ground pounders to kick terrorist ass. Upon completion of THAT tour, he was sent to Washington state where he trained Army units heading to the Middle East self defense techniques,base defense, QRF procedures,and basic combat patrolling skills until he was diagnosed by military doctors as unfit to be on active duty due to an injured lower back. He was sent back to Phoenix where he is on Military Medical Hold barring a review of his medical records.

Currently, Chris is living in Phoenix making custom action figures for fun,raising unholy hell every night, and mooching off the government, demanding that citizens of the USA work overtime because he wants a raise because drinking beer every day gets expensive.

Chris has also given up chasing women for lent. They're EVIL! That being said Chris can not wait for Lent to be over with so the drama with females in is life can pick up right where it left off.