Diamond Dallas Page -- (born April 5, 1956, as Page Joseph Falkinburg Jr, in Point Pleasant, New Jersey) is a public Yoga trainer and a retired pro wrestler, best known for his work in World Championship Wrestling during the heights of the Monday Night Wars. He was one of few WCW wrestler to sign a release from his AOL Time Warner contract to join the World Wrestling Federation at the start of its WCW Invasion angle.

Dallas Page (also known as "DDP") entered the business relatively late in life as a manager for American Wrestling Association, where he captured attention for his Diamond Exchange faction, featuring Curt Hennig and Bad Company. He moved to WCW in 1991, where his faction became known as The Diamond Mine and it featured talents like The Diamond Studd, Scotty Flamingo, and Vinnie Vegas. Additionally, DDP started training at the WCW Power Plant starting at age 35. While lacking the natural talent to succeed immediately, DDP compensated for his handicaps with work ethic, perserverence, and optimism.

A couple years later, Diamond Dallas Page became a minor priority in WCW with a few mid-card feuds against the likes of The Booty Man, Johnny B. Badd, and Dave Sullivan, even winning the WCW Television Championship from The Renegade in 1995.

Once the New World Order penetrated WCW, DDP was a natural addition due to his history with both Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, but he refused their invitation. His decision raised the ire of Randy Macho Man Savage in particular, and he & Miss Elizabeth took it upon themselves to reveal that DDP and Kimberly were married (ironically, Savage & Liz were married IRL, which was not disclosed in the WWF until many years later). The Macho/DDP feud was so successful that their matches drew solid buyrates on WCW pay-per-views without Hulk Hogan on the card.

Dallas Page won the WCW US title from Curt Hennig and Bret Hart before winning the WCW World championship at Spring Stampede 1999. He won the championship on two other occasions before WCW was sold to the WWF.

In the WWF, DDP feuded with Undertaker but he never reached the heights of success he had in WCW. Shortly after losing the WWF EuroTitle at WrestleMania X8, DDP retired from wrestling due to numerous injuries. Like many wrestling retirements, his did not last and he worked Total Nonstop Action for a number of months in 2004 and feuded with Jeff Jarrett over the TNA Championship in early 2005.

Additionally, Diamond Dallas Page developed "Yoga For Regular Guys" training regimen, which became instrumental in helping him work through numerous injuries after 1998 and through which he was able to leave the wrestling business behind once YRG became a successful trademark.

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