DIY albums (pronounced "D-I-Y" and NOT "die" according to Kevin Czapiewski and Edward Motley) are highly popular amongst today's independent musicians as they are "Do-It-Yourself" recordings.  The advancement of technology has enabled unsigned bands to record their demos with a highly professional sound quality, which in essense permits them to release their music independently without any affiliation to a record label or professional studio.

What Made Milwaukee Famous recorded its first album on its keyboardist's computer in 2004 before they were signed by Barsuk Records, which then re-released their first album in 2006.  Kyle Sonnenberg has released several DIY albums, including MisguidedKyle Son, and On The Way.  To further the guise of independent affiliation, some musicians have given their music a label.  For example, Jeordie records under the Pixie Beast Music and Learning Curve Recordings.

The term "DIY" can be used as an adjective in other mediums and arts to describe things that are completed independently without the amount of assistance that is usually required.

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