DSFA was a side project Kyle Sonnenberg had in Canada between Popular Discontent and the Caterwauls. The group later became known as Disco Super Funk Allstars (although it has been said that the acronym was originally derived from "Doesn't Stand For Anything"). Kyle's current band Super Funk Allstars leveraged its name from this project.

Along with Josh Ross of Popular Discontent and another bassist/friend, DSFA recorded an unnamed album.

Track listing:
1. Cat
2. WoWo
3. Vanity
4. Swamp
5. Surgery
6. Givin Up
7. Stonehead Guru
8. Rainbow (solo)
9. Cain

The song "Cat" was recorded by SFA for its self-titled album. The Caterwauls also performed "Cat," "Vanity," "Surgery," and "Stonehead Guru" regularly. Caterwauls recorded "Stonehead Guru" for Prescription Pill which, although it was not included on the CD, played on their website.

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