Danny ● Duoshade a.k.a. CM Zunk a.k.a. Mega Dan -- (born May 10, 1989, in Dubuque, IA) is a musical enthusiast who has spent plenty of time at The Casa. His other interests range throughout popular culture, film to comics to professional wrestling (basically, everything but sports).

Music, however, is his greatest passion. Danny has founded several rock bands, including The Rainbow's Beard and The Dead Gear, both of which frequently performed live at ChyroArts. He studied at Berklee College Of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. There, he hosted "Dead Air" on the "BIRN" (Berklee Internet Radio Network) with co-host Miss Jenn X..

Upon CM Punk's WWE Championship win in July 2011, Dan Zunk thought it might be clever to ride the new champion's coattails by adopting the moniker "CM Zunk," of which "CM" stands for "Calculated Marketing."

During Phoenix Comic Con 2012, Dan introduced himself to popular rapper Random a.k.a "Mega Ran" as "Mega Dan". Ran enjoyed the idea so much that he put it in writing by signing a blue vinyl copy of 'Mega Ran 10', "Mega Dan, Get Equipped!"

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