The Dead Gear was a local Scottsdale, Arizona band, consisting of honorary Casa member Dan Zunk on vocals and guitar, with the lovely Ms. Jenn X on backup vocals and drums. Their inaugural CD release party was hosted at Comic Zone in May of 2009, where Dead Gear CDs and T-Shirts are still available for purchase.

Psycho Andy was first made aware of the Dead Gear at ChyroArts, on Halloween 2007, when he saw the band perform live. While the rest of their music was outstanding, it was their cover of The Munsters theme that caused Andy go to up and talk to the band after their set. Dan told Andy to check out their MySpace. Over the next year, Andy would run into Dan at random places, until Andy and jmdbcool had a class at Scottsdale Community College with the band in June of 2008. The four of them spent a lot of time together, establishing a solid friendship.

Currently, both members of The Gear are attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.