Demolition were one of the most successful tag teams in the history of the World Wrestling Federation. Consisting of Ax, Smash, and Crush, some analysts dismissed them as nothing more than a knock-off of the Road Warriors, but after the original team of Ax (Bill Eadie) & Smash (Randy Colley) were modified to Ax & Smash (Barry Darsow) with Master Fuji as their manager, the team gelled more impressively in the ring as true demolishers and they tore through the competition like a wrecking ball.

After a little over a year in the WWF, Demolition received a WWF Tag Team title shot at WrestleMania IV against Strike Force, which Demolition won when Smash pinned Rick Martel after Ax flattened him with Master Fuji's cane, which he retrieved after Tito Santana attacked him on the apron.

WWF Tag Team champions Demolition remained a dominant force, defeating British Bulldogs on Saturday Night's Main Event, Strike Force on Prime Time Wrestling, and the Hart Foundation at SummerSlam '88 (all three teams were former titleholders), but nipping at their heels were the Powers Of Pain, another team analysts dismissed as Road Warriors-wannabes. The two teams captained opposing sides at the 1988 Survivor Series, during which Master Fuji dumped Demolition and aligned with the Powers of Pain. After fighting the challengers to a few disqualification verdicts, Demolition agreed to defend their titles at WrestleMania V in a 3:2 handicap match against Powers of Pain AND Mr. Fuji. The odds worked against the challengers, and Demolition retained by pinning Mr. Fuji.

Shortly after WrestleMania, Brain Busters challenged Demolition on Saturday Night's Main Event, winning by disqualification. The victory earned them a rematch, which Bobby Heenan negotiated as a Best-of-Three-Falls match. After the first fall, Andre The Giant came out and sat ringside. As a melee broke erupted inside the ring, Andre slid his chair into the ring, and Tully Blanchard struck Smash with the chair to enable Arn Anderson to pick up the pinfall and secure the championship titles.

Demolition regained the WWF Tag Team championship a few months, but Andre The Giant & Bobby Heenan still had it out for Demolition. Andre teamed with Haku as the Colossal Connection, and they easily dominated Demolition in a match on WWF SuperStars to win the titles. However, Demolition were more prepared for them at WrestleMania VI and they regained the titles by preventing Andre from tagging into the match. The loss caused immediate friction between Andre and Heenan, and their partnership ended acrimoniously after the match.

As three-time WWF Tag Team champions, Demolition added a third member of the team. Crush (Brian Adams) became the only man to debut in the WWF as a recognized champion. Although Crush gave the team a man-advantage, Demolition lost their crowd support, although with teams like the Hart Foundation, The Rockers, and even Legion of Doom in the tag ranks, crowd support was spread rather thin. The Harts challenged Demolition in another Best-of-Three-Falls match at SummerSlam '90, which they won after LOD interfered.

Following their loss, Demolition faced Legion of Doom and WWF Champion Ultimate Warrior in a series of six-man tag matches (Mr. Perfect and Texas Tornado joined them for an elimination match at the 1990 Survivor Series). Unfortunately, Ax was unable to continue wrestling and he left the WWF. Smash & Crush recruited Mr. Fuji to be their manager, and they continued wrestling in the under-card of the tag division before separating shortly after WrestleMania VII.

Crush returned to the WWF as Kona Crush and he found some degree of success in the singles division. One of his first opponents was Repo Man (Barry Darsow) at SummerSlam '92.

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