Dennis Keith Rodman -- (born May 13, 1961 in Trenton, NJ) is a retired National Basketball Association forward who played on the Detroit Pistons, San Antonio Spurs, Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, and Chicago Bulls. Nicknamed "Dennis the Menace" and "The Worm," Rodman earned NBA All-Defensive First Team honors seven times and was voted NBA Defensive Player of the Year twice. He also led the NBA in rebounds per game for a record seven years and won five NBA championships (two with Detroit, three with Chicago). His biography notes that he is "arguably the best rebounding forward in NBA history." Fittingly, he was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame in August 2011.

Outside of basketball, Dennis Rodman is best known in pop culture for his seemingly endless controversial antics. Aside from his dyed hair and countless piercings and tattoos, he wore a wedding dress to promote his autobiography and he was romantically linked to Madonna and Carmen Electra (he even married Electra, albeit very briefly).

Additionally, Dennis Rodman was a part-time member of the nWo, teaming with Hollywood Hogan as "Rod The Bod" or "Rodzilla" at two consecutive Bash at the Beach events. He also had high profile matches with Randy Savage and Curt Hennig. He appeared in a few reality TV series, winning Celebrity Mole. Rodman also won Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Championship Wrestling on CMT.

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