Detroit is also Hockeytown

The Detroit Red Wings have been one of the most successful and most popular franchises in the National Hockey League in recent history. Except for the Montreal Canadiens, no franchise has won the Stanley Cup more times than the 11-time winners of the Detroit Red Wings (however, Toronto Maple Leafs have also won 11 times).

One of the "Original Six" teams, the Detroit Red Wings took life after the WHA's Vancouver Cougars folded, and the team was originally known as the Detroit Cougars. Shortly thereafter, the team became the Detroit Falcons from 1930-1933 before adopting their current nickname, inspired by the Montreal Hockey Club's nickname of "The Winged Wheels."

One of the Red Wings signatures is an octopus-toss for playoff goals at home where octopi are thrown onto the rink. The practice started on April 15, 1952 when Pete and Jerry Cusimano, brothers and storeowners in Detroit's Eastern Market, hurled an octopus into the rink of The Old Red Barn. The eight arms of an octopus symbolize the number of wins needed to get the Stanley Cup at the time. Nowadays, there are two giant octopuses hanging from the rafters of the Joe Louis Arena to maintain the symbolism.

In the 1995 Stanley Cup, Ed The K Motley cheered for the Detroit Red Wings all the way to the finals, just like he had for the New York Rangers the previous year. Unfortunately, the toll of getting into the Stanley Cup Finals left the team so battered and beaten that the New Jersey Devils swept them in four games. The following season, the Red Wings started a rivalry with the Colorado Avalanche so Kay has not supported the Red Wings since that one time (even though they won the Stanley Cup in 1997, 1998, 2002, and 2008).

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