Don Combo
Don Combo
Real Name Donald Corona
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Allies Azul Combo, Robodile, Captain Happyheart
Rivals CATS, Giant Enemy Crab
Debut FLAW season 1

Don Combo is a former competitive martial artist from Mexico, specializing in Chinese kung fu. However, he retired from the field after losing in the finals of a national martial arts tournament to Komodo Grey. Combo was depressed for many years afterwards, until he found Azul Combo as an abandoned baby. He has since gotten his act together, and took up wrestling in FLAW, where he impressed fans with his aptitude for his hardcore and high-flying wrestling style. In FLAW, he has become close friends with Robodile and Captain Happyheart.

FLAW Info Edit

Trademark wrestling moves Edit

  • Dos Equis (splash from the top rope)
  • Negra Modelo (Shining Black; single leg running front dropkick to a kneeling opponent's head)

Championships and Accomplishments Edit

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