"Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist" was an animated sitcom created by Jonathan Katz and Tom Snyder for Comedy Central. The show debuted in May 1995, and it ran until Chirstmas Eve 1999. The show had a large following as evident by allusions to the show made on South Park, Family Guy, Duckman, Space Ghost Coast-To-Coast, and others. Intended for mature audiences, the show became famous for its Squigglevision. The main character of the show was Dr. Jonathan Katz, a professional psychotherapist who treated celebrities as patients, mostly comedians. Based on the premise of these therapy sessions, comedians mostly leveraged material from their stand-up routines. Ray Romano has credited "Dr. Katz" for launching his career based on his numerous appearances on early episodes.

The TV show was a favorite of Emily Roeder, Edward Motley, Mallory Lewis, and Psycho Andy (at least, when he remembered it was on).

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