Dreaming of Miranda was an independent CD by Chris Hiatt, recorded in 1996 and released in 1997 through Shrangri-La Records. The style of music was blues-influenced-British-inspired-pop.

The album featured 10 original tracks (including a hidden track) with Chris Hiatt on lead vocals and lead guitar, as well as autoharp, mandolin, piano, percussion, and drums. Markus Hart played bass, Abe Baerik played percussion (and drums on 2 tracks), Ken Field played percussion and drums on 2 other tracks, and Chad Curtis played piano on one track.

Track listing:
1. Hold On Tight
2. Why Must I Cry
3. Mysteries
4. Stay Away
5. Room Without Windows
6. Last Train Out
7. Actions Are Louder
8. All About You
9. Not Alright

For many years, Kay had understood that this was Chris Hiatt's first CD, but in compiling information for the EnPsychoPedia, he found a 1986 EP by Chris Hiatt entitled "Final Exam" available for sale on eBay. He is waiting for Chris Hiatt to confirm whether the posting was for a legit recording.

The song "Boner" was a hidden track on Track #9, spaced about 40 seconds of silence after "Not Alright" ended. The Woodies Missoula Straight Mens Choir provided the drunken ramblings on the track. The choir consisted of Vini Stafford, Kurt Krug, Joe Marshall, Jay Van Dither, Brian Cann, and Sampson the Horse.

Chris Hiatt had this CD released before he moved to Phoenix, but he was not bringing the CD to his shows to sell because the songs were so far removed from the music he played at blues venues at the time. In fact, when Kay first inquired whether Chris Hiatt had a CD, Chris said he did but he warned Kay that he "probably wont like (the CD)" because it was very poppy.

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