Celebrating his first 30th birthday

Edward Kendall Motley, aka TheKinAZ aka Mr. Sarcasm -- (born May 19, 1977 in Small Town, Oklahoma) is a Taurus who started writing under the pen name Ed "The K" Motley in 1994 and nowadays he refuses to let anybody know what the hell his real name is. Most of his friends call him "Kay."

Edward is currently a petsitter and student at Phoenix College after working 10 years as a professional Transponster and he loves professional wrestling as much as Psycho Andy loves comics, which is more than is probably healthy. His library of wrestling footage is so large that he created Kayfabe Home Movies to put together exclusive DVD collections. He worked closely with Impact Zone Wrestling in a variety of responsibilities for the organization including roles as a cameraman, historian, press writer, sound guy, booker, and ring announcer. Kayfabe Home Movies has a large library of IZW matches, stretching from August 2005 through December 2008. It was through IZW that Kay, Andy, and Jimmy Nova all met. Additionally, Kay lent similar support to Jeordie and The Caterwauls by filming performances, writing press and reviews, and even booking gigs. Kayfabe Home Movies also has over 12 hours of footage from their performances, including a few vids on YouTube.

Additionally, Kay is an "honorary Canadian" because the only two sports he watches regularly are hockey and pro wrestling; plus he wrote the "Morning After Reports" for RAW and Nitro for a number of years, which were printed on The Sports Network website in Canada.

Kay has become a highly-valued member of the Message Boards after independently registering in December 2008, and he is one of the newer core member of the Mongolian BBQ Horde Anime Gang under the alias of BlondFootLeo (even though he is neither blond nor a Leo). He is also responsible for a lot of the material on the EnPsychoPedia. He currently resides at Thomas & Hayden with two cats.

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