Eddie Brock
Art by Todd McFarlane
Eddie Brock
Real Name Edward Brock, Jr.
Height 6'3" (variable)
Weight 260 lbs (variable)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Reddish-blonde
Allies Spider-Man
Rivals Spider-Man, Carnage, Mac Gargan
Debut Amazing Spider-Man #299
Live-Action actor(s) Topher Grace

Eddie Brock is a character from the Spider-Man comic book franchise by Marvel Comics, best known for his time as Venom.

Comics HistoryEdit

Origin of VenomEdit

Brock was a body-building newspaper reporter whose reputation was ruined when he printed false stories about Spider-Man committing crimes that were proven wrong when the true criminal, the Sin-Eater, had been caught. Brock vowed revenge on the web-slinger, and went to church to pray for guidance. Unbeknownst to him, at that very moment, Spider-Man was ridding himself of the black Alien Symbiote costume that was trying to take him over. The symbiote sensed the same hatred for Spider-Man in Brock that it had just developed thanks to the Webhead's rejection. The two merged into one being. Revealing that they were Spider-Man's poison, they took up the name Venom.

Because the alien costume had been bonded to Spider-Man for a significant amount of time, it knew all about Spider-man's personal life; his secret identity, his loved ones, and even how to damper out his "Spider-Sense." This made Venom particularly dangerous to Spidey, as he could not sense when Venom was coming. The symbiote also granted all of Spider-Man's powers to Brock; the ability to cling to walls, create "webbing," enhanced strength (magnified by Eddie's bodybuilding hobby), and enhanced agility. Venom was everything Spider-Man was, and more.

Venom and Spider-Man battled many times, with Spidey always managing to barely get the upper hand, often thanks to his superior intellect.

Lethal ProtectorEdit

Venom drool

A little, ah, Primatene might help to clear that up?

While imprisoned and separated from the Alien symbiote, Eddie Brock shared a prison cell with serial killer Cletus Kasady. The Symbiote found its way back to Brock, but a drop of it found its way into an open wound in Kasady's arm; the two merged, creating Carnage. As the two symbiotic villains battled with Spider-Man, Venom came to the revelation that he did not want to be known as a monster like Carnage.

Venom and Spider-Man called an uneasy truce, where Venom would leave New York and begin to become a hero. Brock relocated to San Francisco, where he stayed for many years, working as an anti-hero, attempting to rid the city of all criminal behavior in a lethal way.

During his time as the Lethal Protector, Brock's symbiote gave "birth" to five other Alien Symbiotes; Scream (yellow/red; female), Lasher (Green), Phage (Orange), Riot (Grey), and Agony (Pink/black; female).

Giving up the SymbioteEdit

After an extended period of inactivity, Brock resurfaced with cancer, and the only thing keeping him alive was the symbiote, who did not want a dying host. After seeing a The Passion of the Christ, Eddie decided to sell his symbiote off in an auction, swearing off his life of vigilantism. The winner of the auction was the gang lord Don Fortunato. He gave the symbiote to his son, Angelo, in hopes that Angelo would finally make a name for himself.

The symbiote eventually left Angelo Fortunato in mid-web-sling, causing the young gangster to plummet to his death. The symbiote passed on to the Scorpion Mac Gargan, formerly The Scorpion, becoming the new Venom. Brock was discovered after making an attempt to kill himself, and was hospitalized.


Brock antivenom

Anti-Venom; Art by John Romita, Jr.

While praying at church, Brock is discovered by philanthropist Martin Li. After Matt Murdock proves in a court of law that Brock was not responsible for his actions while bonded to the symbiote and has the charges dropped, Li gets Brock a job in his soup kitchen. A touch from Mr. Negative completely cures Eddie's cancer and the remnants of the Venom symbiote within his body bond to his white blood cells. Upon being assaulted by Mac Gargan and the Thunderbolts, the Venom symbiote attempts to leave Gargan to bond with Brock again. However, Brock's skin is caustic to his former symbiote, and a white substance seeps out of his pores covering his body, turning Brock into Anti-Venom.

As Anti-Venom, Brock retains all of his powers as Venom, and is poisonous to the original Venom Symbiote. He also has the ability to heal people of their impurities and illnesses (including radiation poisoning and drug addiction) by touching them.

Anti-Venom is currently attempting to redeem himself for his past sins, but is of questionable sanity, after learning that his new Mentor, Mr. Li is secretly the supervillain Mr. Negative.

On PsychoAndy.comEdit

Heir to the ThroneEdit

Eddie Brock (as Venom) was eliminated in the first round of the inaugural Heir to the Throne tournament by Billy Kane.

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