As WWE Champion in 2004

Eddie Guerrero -- (born October 9, 1967, in El Paso, TX) was a legendary pro wrestler, best known for his work in the 1990s with WCW, ECW, and finally, WWE, where he won the WWE Championship in February 2004, defeating Brock Lesnar. Eddie was the youngest son of the legendary Mexican wrestler Gory Guerrero, and his nephew Chavo Guerrero grew up a few years behind Eddie, so they broke in together and Chavo Guerrero entered the WWF through the WCW Invasion and he has remained with WWE since (the longest employ under WWE of any WCW buyout).

Eddie Guerrero achieved success in Mexico, as well as in Japan, before garnering attention in the United States through ECW. Along with other names, Guerrero moved to the greener pastures of WCW in 1995 when Monday Nitro was trying to establish itself as the premiere wrestling program, and Eddie had a somewhat tumultuous relationship with Eric Bischoff (though Eddie greatly respected Bischoff, especially for not firing him after his New Year's Day car crash in 1998) but after WCW pushed Bischoff out of power, Eddie Guerrero defected to the WWF alongside Chris Benoit and others, but personal demons got the best of Eddie and WWE released him within a year of his employ.

World Wrestling Entertainment rehired Eddie Guerrero in 2002, having seen Eddie pull himself back up after going on a vicious downward spiral, which led to hospitalization, divorce, depression, and other demons. Eddie Guerrero made the most of his second chance, winning the Intercontinental Championship and winning over Smackdown fans with his "lie, cheat, & steal" moniker, which he carried over into the ring by feigning injuries to gain the referee's sympathy and then leverage the distraction for a quick pinfall. Ratings amongst Latinos started to rise, so WWE put more focus on Eddie Guerrero. He won the WWE Championship one month before WrestleMania XX, then successfully retained the championship against Kurt Angle. Unfortunately, his reign came to a surprisingly abrupt end in July 2004 when JBL defeated him in a Texas Bullrope match. Eddie vowed to regain the championship.

Eddie RIP

RIP- Vayas Con Dios

On October 9, 2005, Eddie challenged World Heavyweight champion Batista to a match on his 38th birthday, but he came up short. Eddie Guerrero remained in top contention, and he was scheduled for a triple threat rematch with Batista and Randy Orton later the next month. Tragically, that match never took place because Eddie was found dead in his hotel that same morning. His funeral was that Friday and Superstar Billy Graham presided over the services. He is buried in Scottsdale, Arizona. After his death, WWE continued to run (often tasteless) storylines around Eddie Guerrero for almost the next two years. Vickie Guerrero, Eddie's widow, was signed to WWE and, having witnessed Eddie practicing promos for countless hours at home, she soon adapted to his philosophies and her appearances often got the loudest crowd reaction of the show (mostly, jeers and boos).

Eddie's career is chronicled in his posthumously released autobiography Cheating Death, Stealing Life, as well as a couple DVD releases, including a 2-disc set of the same title and a 3-disc set entitled "Viva La Raza."

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