L to R: Alco-HALL-ic, NASH-o Grande, Don "Wild" West-O, Hulk Hoganarino, Brotherrrrr.




El Screw-O Brett-O but not Los Jericho joins the group.


El Innovador joins the group.


La Bella Persona joins the group.


El Miembro Más Cachondos joins the group.


Le Grand Déspensier joins the group.


Alcohol, Mexican food, and wrestling. What better ingredients to create wild and wacky stories?

The El Torito World Order was formed on the night of October 17, 2009, when Jimmy Nova, Chris Hughes and David Evans went out and partied with some of the TNA wrestlers, wearing El Torito Bull Horn hats. The three had taken the names "Hulk Hoganarino, Brotherrrr," "Alco-HALL-ic," and "NASH-o Grande," respectively, and began inducting members of the TNA roster into the group, the night before TNA Bound for Glory 2009.

The group continues to induct new members (awesome people only), and history has shown that when you join eTWo, success soon follows. For a list of some success that members have had, see the notes below.

The eTWo is also infamous for it's encounter with Kevin Nash. Kevin Nash made history when he stumbled off an elevator in Los Angeles, CA, and he encountered three drunk members of the etWo, who proceeded to exclaim "Hiii Kevin Nassh!?" and to inform him that the liquor store was open for another ten minutes.

Join the El Torito World Order: Because What Would Life Be Without A Little Bull?

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El Torito World Order members include:Edit

Founding Members:

Official Members:

  • El Fallen Diablo (Christopher Daniels)
  • El Screw-o Bret-o but not Los Jericho (Earl Hebner)
  • El Don "Wild" West-o (Don West)
  • El Tweet-päc (Jeremy Borash)
  • El Eddie Gobbeldygookero (Hector Guerrero)
  • La Reina de la Lucha Libre (Dixie Carter)
  • El Tappo Snappo (Ken Shamrock)
  • El G.I. Jose (Sgt. Slaughter)
  • La Malibu Kelly (Kelly Kelly)
  • La Bella Uno y La Bella Dos (The Bella Twins)
  • El Gigante (Big Show)
  • El Miembro Más Cachondos (Val Venis)
  • La Bella Persona (Madison Rayne)
  • La Torresita (Eve Torres)
  • La Belleza Británica (Layla El)
  • El Versión Uno (Matt Hardy) SEE NOTES
  • La Chica Al Lado (Mickie James)
  • El Hombre Perfecto (Dolph Ziggler)
  • El CaraOro (Goldust)
  • El Dragón Americano (Daniel Bryan Danielson)
  • La Melina Ruda (Melina)
  • La Niña Calva (Serena)
  • El Wigglo Grande (Norman Smiley)
  • El Snake-o Sith-o (Ray Park, Snake Eyes & Darth Maul)
  • El Guarda Negro (Walter Emanuel Jones, the original Black Ranger)
  • La Guarda Amarilla (Karan Ashley, the Yellow Ranger)
  • La Aprendiz Atractiva (Maria)
  • La Niña Vomitar (Angelina Love) SEE NOTES

International Team - "eh? Torito World order" (Canada)

  • Le Je Suis Belle (Maryse Ouellet)
  • Le Jerique Magnifique (Chris Jericho)
  • El Lanza Grande (Edge)

International Team - "eTWo Japan" (Japan)

  • El Masahiro Chono (we decided he needed to go far away, so we made him our Japanese contingent and sent him off by himself.)

Splinter Team - "extreme Torito World order" (ECW Originals/Hardcore Guys)

  • El Innovador (Tommy Dreamer)
  • El Bang Bang (Mick Foley) - Joined via Bubba Bounty (See notes)
  • El Volando Alto (Rob Van Dam)
  • El Abismo Lo Siento (Abyss)
  • El Snuffaluffagus (Al Snow)

Sports Team - "eTWo Wolfpac" (Phoenix Coyotes)

  • El Slovak Uno (Petr Prucha)
  • El Slovak Dos (Martin Hanzal)
  • El Lobo Grande (Howler)

Broadcasting Team ( Official Sports Broadcasters)

  • El Shazam! (Al McCoy)
  • El Lider Anotado (Tom Chambers)
  • El Jugar en el Plan del Hombre (Tom Leander)

Associates (Unofficial Members):

  • Hawaii Five-O (Samoa Joe) is an associate of the group, but not a member, because he refused to wear the hat. (Update: Refused again, aid maybe someday. Hasn't done anything important since then.)
  • Random Black Man (we decided we needed a Vincent/Virgil, only in the group until we find someone better)
  • El Gusano de los Suns El Judio Negro (Amare Stoudemire, Wasn't allowed to rock the horns while at a paid appearance. UPDATE: He's a Jew now.)
  • El Sicario (Psycho Andy - Like the Bret Hart in the nWo black and white, nobody's really sure if he's in the group or not...)
  • El Bang Bang (Mick Foley) - Became on honorary member after attacking Bubba the Love Sponge (NOW OFFICIAL! see notes).
  • JACK MOTHER FUCKING SWAGGER! Has associated himself with us and want to rock horns but has not yet. His career has taken a noticeable dive since not doing so, so hopefully he will ASAP.

Honorary Members (People who will/want to rock horns ASAP):

Our Enemies:

The Bubba Bounty On March 8th, 2010, it was declared that effective immediately, the first person to attack Bubba the Love Sponge in TNA would become an honorary associate of the eTWo.

THE BUBBA BOUNTY HAS BEEN CLAIMED! On March 22nd, after being fired from TNA, Mick Foley attacked Bubba the Love Sponge on TNA Impact and has earned a spot as an honorary associate of the eTWo!

The Rodgers Ransom

We here in the El torito World Order would like to announce the creation of a new policy: The Rodgers Ransom. The first person to Concuss, Break a bone in, bloody the nose of, or cause bodily harm* to Aaron Rodgers will become an officially unofficial member of the eTWo and will be presented with a custom pair of horns at the earliest... convenience. Thank you, and good luck!Edit

El AlcoHALLic's Official etWo Theme Songs

  • "Gangsters and Strippers"- Too $hort
  • "Shake That"- Eminem feat. Nate Dogg
  • "Nobody Does It Better"- Nate Dogg and Warren G
  • "Too Drunk to F*ck"- Buckcherry
  • "Let's All Get Drunk"- Afroman
  • "Hellraiser"- Motorhead
  • "Girl's Got Rhythm"- AC/DC
  • "Morning Train (Nine to Five)"- Sheena Easton (Barrett Figure's theme song)


  • Angelina Love joined us, drank with Cane, got puked on, then summarily thrown out of the eTWo for smelling like puke.
  • MATT HARDY KICKED OUT FOR BEING A STUPID LAZY IDIOT! The rules have since been amended that WE have to induct members, they cannot induct themselves.
  • On December 28th, 2009, Maryse (aka Le Je Suis Belle) defeated Kelly (aka La Malibu Kelly) to become the Primary Diva in the El Torito World Order.
  • On February 8th, 9 days after joining the etWo, Big Show won the WWE Unified Tag Team Titles with The Miz.
  • On February 13th 2010 during a Phoenix Coyotes vs Dallas Stars game, Dallas Star James Neal smashed into etWo member Petr Prucha and knocked him out. Subsequently fellow etWo Wolfpac member Martin Hanzal came to the defense of his etWo brother and proceeded to punch James Neal in the face.
  • On February 19th, 2010, Taylor Wilde defeated Madison Rayne at EXW's Debut Event to become the Primary Knockout in the El Torito World Order.
  • On February 19th 2010 Val Venis was pronounced etWo's Horniest member.
  • On February 21st 2010 at WWE Elimination Chamber, Le Jerique Magnifique defeated The Undertaker, John Morrison, CM Punk, R Truth, and Rey Mysterio to regain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Also, Vickie Guerrero postponed the WWE Divas Title match that Le Je Suis Belle was sheduled to compete in against rival Gail Kim for the title and replaced it with a cross-brand divas tag team match. This move made Vickie an enemy of the etWo.
  • On February 22nd during Monday Night Raw, Le Je Suis Belle defeated rival Gail Kim and regained the WWE Divas Championship Title and proved that she is the dominant Diva in the WWE.
  • On March 8th, 18 days after joining the etWo, Madisaon Rayne captured the TNA Knockout Tag Team Titles and in the process defeated Taylor Wilde and took her place as top Knockout.
  • On March 22nd, after being fired from TNA, Mick Foley attacked Bubba the Love Sponge on TNA Impact and has earned a spot as an honorary associate of the etWo!
  • On March 24th, the etWo welcomed Mickie James, Layla El, and Matt Hardy to its ranks!
  • On April 12th, La Torresita won the WWE Divas Championship from Le Je Suis Belle to fulfill the promise that the etWo made her when she joined: that if she put on the horns, then she would win the title.
  • On March 27th, Mick Foley officially accepted his invitation to join the El Torito World Order!
  • In June 2011, the etWo started a web account for a Wade Barrett action figure. A couple days later, Wade Barrett himself retweeted it and then WWE retweeted it to its 450,00+ followers. Shortly thereafter, Wade Barrett met the El Torito World Order's founding members, although he was not able to rock the horns that night.

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