The Scottsdale Starlet

Erica D'Erico is an independent pro wrestler in Arizona, Illinois, California, and Utah, as well as several other states and Japan.

Best known to wrestling fanatics as Sierra Sheraton, board members know her best through Impact Zone Wrestling, where Erica D'Erico worked an early 2002 event before moving out of state. She returned to Arizona in early 2006, stepping back into the ring after a brief partnership with Hollywood Yates. In February 2006, she and Morgan joined forces as Bump 'N' Grind, and they slowly became the most popular tag team in the promotion. By the end of the year, Erica D'Erico received two Izzies for Newcomer of the Year and Team of the Year. Her hard work paid off in February 2007 when Bump 'N' Grind defeated Lawrence Tyler and Jay Garland to win the IZW Tag Team Championship, which they retained for the next four months. In October 2007, Erica D'Erico became the first female to challenge for the IZW Heavyweight Championship.

In 2007, she was romantically involved with Lil' Nate who oversaw a lot of her matches and her work greatly improved during their relationship. The 24/7 Girls DVD was used by Nate and Erica as training footage, and a revised version was sent out as promotional material for SHIMMER and Wrestlicious. After the couple had an acrimonious separation, Kay always got heat from Erica for his continuing friendship with Nate.

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