The FLAW 2P Championship is the tag team championship of FLAW. It was originally established in season 1 as the FLAW Tag Team Championship, and was held by the Ice Climbers until it was retired at the end of the season.

Since Season 2 was an attempt to streamline the company, only the FLAW Championship returned from season 1. In season 3, however, the FLAW Tag Team Championship was revived as the FLAW 2P Championship. "2P" stands for "two player", and is both a video game reference and an indication that it is held by teams of two.

The current champions are Karate Extreme, in their first reign.

Title History Edit

Wrestler Reigns Episode won Notes
Ice Climbers 1 Season 1, Episode something Beat somebody, I'll look it up soon
vacant Vacated when FLAW restructured itself for season 2.
Karate Extreme 1 Season 3, Episode 6 Beat The Pinheads in a ladder match for the vacant title

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