FLAW Champ2

The top title of FLAW, also known simply as the FLAW Championship. Has been formerly called the FLAW Gold Championship in season 1, and the FLAW World Championship of the World in season 2.

The current champion is Terrance Beauregard, currently in his first reign.

Title History Edit

Wrestler Reigns Episode won Notes
Captain Happyheart 1 Season 1, Episode 1 Beat CATS, Mars People, Robodile, Don Combo and Dan Hibiki to become 1st champion
CATS 1 Season 1, Episode 6 Pinned Un Happyheart, who was disguised as his brother, Captain Happyheart
vacant Vacated when FLAW restructured itself for season 2.
Mr. Karate 1 Season 2, Episode 9 Won the first FLAW Tournament, beating Terrance Beauregard in the finals
Dan Hibiki 1 Season 2, Episode 16 Pinned Mr. Karate in an Open Survival Match
vacant Because Dan refused to defend the title, the organization was at a standstill and was forced out of business by WWE.
Bill Rizer 1 Season 3, Episode 0 Pinned Rob Van Dam and was awarded the FLAW Championship to reestablish the company
Lance Bean 1 Season 3, Episode 0 Pinned Bill Rizer after a low blow
Bill Rizer 2 Season 3, Episode 4 Lance Bean let Bill Rizer pin him, revealing Team Contra to still be in cahoots
Terrance Beauregard 1 Tagnanimous (S.3, Ep.8) Pinned Lance Bean in a tag match where the title was on the line

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